Fitness Levels

For every level a general good health is necessary.

Level 1

  • No specific fitness requirements
  • Easy walks to up to one hour

Level 2

  • Tracks in generally good condition
  • A day pack has to be carried
  • Limited up and down
  • No hiking experience needed
  • Walks to up to 2 hours

Level 3

  • Easier tramping track
  • Tracks generally in good condition
  • Altitude gains of up to 300m
  • A day pack has to be carried
  • Walks up to 4 hours

Level 4

  • At times challenging tramping track
  • Can include uneven track surfaces and river crossings
  • For hiker who look for a challenge
  • Very good fitness required
  • Altitude gains up to 600m
  • A day pack has to be carried
  • Walks up to 6 hours

Level 5

  • For the extreme fit hiker who looks for an outstanding challenge
  • Faster pace, up to 8 hours walk or altitude gains of up to 1000m
  • Some exposure to heights
  • Hiking experience necessary
  • A day pack with emergency clothing has to be carried

terms and conditions

To confirm your trip arrangements Tasman Tours requires full payment.
Cancellations more than 24 hours before departure: rebooking possible or refund less 15%
Cancellation less than 24 hours before departure: rebooking possible or refund of 50%
All prices are quoted in New Zealand dollars. Prices include New Zealand Goods and Services Tax (GST) at 15%.


Tasman Tours does not accept any liability for any activity, transport and accommodation provider, nor their safety policies and procedures.
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Any photographs taken on our tour by Tasman Tours might be used for promotion work and advertising.


In participating on one of our day trips you confirm that you are physically fit and suffer from no medical conditions which could affect your availability to participate on all described activities.

Cancellation by Operator

Cancellation by operator can happen i.e. due to conditions which do not allow a safe trip or due to illness of a tour guide.
If a day trip is cancelled by the operator customers will have the following options:

  • rebooking at no cost – choosing a trip from the operator’s available services. There might be a credit
  • from the original cost or additional costs if an alternative trip is chosen
  • cancel the trip for a full refund


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