Wine & Dine Full Day Tour

Full Day Wine Tour
Explore and learn about our region while tasting exquisite wines.
Travelling region:Moutere Hills, Waimea Plains
Price:$180 ($140 for 4 or more)
Includes:All wine tastings
Duration:5 hours
Pick-up:Marahau-Motueka-Mapua region or Nelson

Customized to your particular interests this Winery Tour will show you what the region is known for:

  • family owned award winning Boutique wineries
  • venturous small craft beer breweries
  • the arts and good food.

Please let us know if you want to see a particular winery and we will make sure that it will be on the list. Just talk to us as we are very flexible to arrange everything to your needs. When you book, we will discuss what you are interested in and organize the trip accordingly. Prices include all wine tastings, light lunch in one of the wineries available on your own expenses.

Minimum 2 people

Exquisite Wines

A lot of sunshine, river stones from riverbeds, good soil with clay and creativity: This is Tasman's and Nelson's secret mix for creating unique artisan wines. The region's reputation says it produces some of New Zealand best Chardonnay and aromatics. Learn from our guides at this Winery Tour about the regions Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay,  Riesling, Pinot Noir and other varieties. Tasman area wines are sold around the world. Boutique family-owned wineries craft exquisite wines from the hills to the plains.

The Hills

The soft rolling Moutere Hills are formed from weathered gravels of ancient river beds. These rivers reached from St Arnaud further inland to the coast. Mixed with clay, this soil is well known for producing great wines of richness and texture.

The plains

The Waimea Plains (which means river garden) provide a fabulous terrain with a moderate maritime influence. Stony alluvial soils and high sunshine create aromatic white wines and perfumed and elegant red wines.