• Karin Klebert

    Karin is a keen entrepreneur who loves new challenges! Her teaching career has been put to good use in working in tourism for the last 12 years. She prides herself on being well organised and efficient. Karin’s “get up and go” attitude means there is never a dull moment as she constantly challenges herself and pursues new adventure day tours for you. It will be no surprise then to hear that she is a very keen traveller. On her trips she loves to discover new day hikes, bike trails and she loves to go shopping.

  • Wine and Golf Tour

    Michael Markert

    German-born Michael loves nature, good food & wine and the company of friends. Most of his career he worked in the international wine business traveling around the world but also had some stints in the high-end hospitality sector. He always loved showing his customers vineyards and wineries all over Europe, as well as culture, art, and nature. Now he is enjoying his semi-retired life in Tasman with gardening, golfing, horse riding and tramping in the mountains. Michael has recently joined our team and is proud to show you our National Parks, local wineries, breweries and art galleries.

  • Day Tours in Tasman

    Bernd Reiter

    Bernd comes to Tasman Tours New Zealand with a wealth of experience in the New Zealand travel industry, having been one of the founding members of Pro Guide NZ. Bernd is famous for his custom made VIP tours and knowledge about New Zealand’s native flora and fauna, which he has built up over his 20+ years as a tour guide in New Zealand. In fact, Bernd loves the outdoors so much he has chosen to live completely off the grid (not connected to national electricity) on a 10-acre block of land. It’s no wonder he considers his favourite hobbies people, nature, birds and tramping. Bernd is proud as punch of his 20 years showing off the best of New Zealand. But he’s more proud of his three children.

  • Marlen O'Donnell - Tour Guide

    Marlen O’Donnell

    If everything gets too busy Marlen O’Donnell steps back from her work as a social worker and steps in to help. According to her husband Johny, (who has a consulting  business and helps Tasman Tours with marketing) – Marlen is the “human manifestation of happiness” but she’s far too modest to claim that one. Instead she describes herself as someone with a passion for people, perhaps a quality she inherited from her parents (yes it really is a family business!).
    Marlen is a creative type with a keen interest in art. Her preferred method of transport appears to be on foot as she loves exploring new places by running around the neighbourhoods.
    For a young woman, Marlen already has many travelling destinations ticked off, with Tasman remaining a favourite! Marlen is a raving advocate of the bustling fun culture of Nelson and Takaka and will also always have a soft spot for the Abel Tasman.

  • Ashley Mooney

    Ashley, originally from the UK met Karin on one of her guided walks in the Abel Tasman Park some years ago. He had just quit his job and was open for anything coming up since his children had left to study.  Karin asked him if he wanted to move to Motueka he did not hesitate a minute.

    Ashley loves to live in Motueka and enjoys the outdoor live every day. He goes biking, hiking, swimming and plays golf.  Also can he  now live his passion to grow plants.

    Ashley loves his wines too. Every year he helps a local winery during harvest days.



  • Kathryn Richards

    Kathryn Richards

    Born in Northland New Zealand Kathryn has been living and exploring the South Island since leaving University as an Early Childhood Teacher. Kathryn enjoys dividing the year between guiding in the summer and teaching in the winter. Kathryn has an interest in the birds and flora and fauna of new Zealand and sharing her knowledge of our culture. Kathryn has spent time living and hiking in Europe but cant imagine living anywhere else in the world. In her down time Kathryn enjoys mountain biking, hiking, catching up with family and volunteering in conservation projects. She Says: “One of the best things about tour guiding is being outdoors and noticing the changes in the season and meeting people from all around the world.”