Microadventure New Zealand Ideas

Today I want to give you some ideas how to find out, what Microadventures in New Zealand you could do:

In the past travelling used to be to go to another country and tick the highlights you heard about for a long time.

But this seems to slightly change and people want to travel to have new experiences.

This means i.e not sitting in a plane , bus or car half of the time, but stay longer in one area and experience more and deeper.

I have more and more guests, who decide, that they stay some more days in one location and perhaps only visit 5 areas in New Zealand instead of travelling on every second day.

This is, where Microadventure fits in:

Microadventure definition: an overnight outdoor adventure that is “small and achievable, for normal people with real lives”.

First coined by British adventurer and author, Alastair Humphreys, microadventures are simple challenges and expeditions which are close …..

You simply need to START!

The possibilities are as endless as your ability to let your mind wander and your imagination to get carried away. You’ll need some gear: warm, waterproof clothes, a torch, food and water. And if you’re planning to stay out  a sleeping bag, mat and tent. You could also plan to stay in one of New Zelands wonderful backcountry huts.

But do not forget: Always prepare before you go: https://www.doc.govt.nz/parks-and-recreation/know-before-you-go/

And feel free to contact us to get some help to plan your Microadventure in New Zealand or plan a trip with some of our local outdoor adventure providers.


Here are some of our Locals, who do back garden outdoor adventures all the time, You will find lots of ideas on their facebook and instagram accounts.

Microadventure Abel Tasman
Microadventure Abel Tasman



Microadventure New Zealand
Microadventure New Zealand


Wild Women : wild.women.nz

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